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Meltem in Gilbert, AZ


“Rascal, my Yorkshire Terrier, has been taking classes from Crystal since he was five months old. Rascal has always been an incredibly hyper puppy. Now at almost eight months old, he obeys commands such as sit, stay, come and down. Although his activity level is the same, he is more attentive and is willing to work with me to make me happy. Thanks to Crystal, I’ve learned the benefits of clicker training, as well as how to properly use this tool for obedience training. I’ve also taught Rascal a few of my own tricks, such as ‘play dead’ and ‘go get your toy’.

Crystal’s love for animals and knowledge of animal behavior shows through her training. It is amazing to see how much more relaxed and obedient other dogs become from the first to the very last class. It has been both beneficial for Rascal, as well as myself to attend her classes. —Thanks Crystal!”

MaryBeth in Casa Grande, AZ

PJ“I hired Crystal to help me with the training of my 2 cockers spaniels; 1 almost 2 years old, Corky, and 1 about 7 months old, PJ. Both of my cockers had some bad habits, which included jumping, barking etc. In the 6 classes that we had with Crystal she taught my dogs to sit, stay, come, and down, along with other commands. Crystal was very gentle and patient with my dogs and after a couple weeks they even stopped barking at her. Crystal taught me a lot of things that I really did not know about dogs. She is very educated. Since Crystal has trained my dogs, I am now able to take my dogs for walks instead of them taking me. They now stay, sit, and get down when I tell them to.

CorkyCrystal's training included some "game playing" with the dogs, which made it more fun than work. I hired Crystal for a couple of reasons, mainly being that it was in the comfort of my own home and the other being that it was "force-free". That made a big difference to me. I wanted to train my dogs, not hurt them. Thank you Crystal for everything that you have done for our family and I look forward to working with you again in the future! I would recommend, and have recommended Crystal, to others for positive dog training. It was a wonderful experience for me and my babies.”

Deborah and Ken in Apache Junction, AZ

Dudley“We have had remarkable improvement in Dudley’s Behavior since using the training principles taught by All Ways Pawsitive. After two complete courses of “old fashioned” dog obedience, we still had Behavior problems, most notably aggression. Yet after the first session with Crystal, his dominance issues were much improved (and he learned some cool tricks). He continues to improve as we reinforce these new lessons. Thank You Crystal!”

Samantha Friske in Green Valley, AZ

“I have psychiatric disabilities. Depression, anxiety/panic attacks and p.t.s.d. I turned to Crystal Coll to help me train my chihuahua to become my service dog and my life long partner.With her help he became the partner that I needed by alerting me to oncoming attacks as well as many other things.

MugsyWhen it came time for her to assess him for public access, I was becoming very anxious. We met in Chandler, Az. and Crystal and Jodi were there to meet us.They were both aware of my anxiety and put me at ease right away.They were very caring and helpful.As they were following me and my team mate mugsy through the mall, Crystal was constantly praising not only Mugsy but also myself, which kept me at ease and making the both of us confident. As we went on she explained what she wanted so that it was easy for me to understand. She always started with praises first before she let me know how to correct my handling of Mugsy.

At the end when we had to go over everything, she was so enthusiastic about how we both worked together and praised me highly. making me feel really great, then she let me know the areas that we needed to work on. Normally when I get constructive criticism, I just give up, but she handled it so well that I was “yea, let€s go and work on this....” She is not only always pawsitive with the dogs but with their owner/trainer as well.

Her and her partner Jodi were both wonderful and caring instructors. My husband, who was with us was very impressed with them as was I. I know (because of Crystal) that Mugsy and I can do all the things that need to be done. She is a wonderful teacher and I will, (and have) recommended her to everyone, not just in service dog training but also in obedience and any other areas a person has with their pet.

I have worked with dogs for 14 years and I still learned new things from her and Jodi. She is very in tune to the feelings of both dog and owner. She was always asking if I was ok to go on, and it was because of her that I was.

I am looking forward to continual training with her and Jodi.”

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